Thursday, July 23, 2015

Forgotten TV: The Whistler (1954)

Many a radio program transitioned to television in the 50's. Some were successful (i.e. Gunsmoke, Jack Benny Program, Burns & Allen). Others, like our next subject, The Whistler, were not.

I first discovered the radio version of Whistler a few years back after getting a free tape from a mail order house. I assumed it was a regional program since I didn't previously know it had existed. In 1954, CBS commissioned an independent producer to do a TV version of the radio mystery series, with William Forman reprising in the title role, as the Whistler narrated each episode.

What might've caused the show's demise was the fact that it played out just like the radio show. In fact, some episodes were adapted from radio, much like Dragnet

Here's the intro:

Rating: C.

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