Monday, July 27, 2015

Moron TV: The Ropers (1979)

The Ropers was spun off from Three's Company and was included in ABC's sitcom-heavy Tuesday lineup in the spring of 1979. In fact, it was one of two new shows in the block. The other, 13 Queens Boulevard, was discussed some time back.

Stanley & Helen Roper (Norman Fell & Audra Lindley) had sold the house that was the setting for Company, and moved into an upscale neighborhood. While Helen tried to fit in, Stanley didn't bother. The realtor who sold them their new home (Jeffrey Tambor) was also their new neighbor, and had a 7 year old son (Evan Cohen), who was being posited as a modern day Dennis The Menace, if you will, as he wanted to bug Stanley, but never was able to cause much trouble.

In all, The Ropers, like Three's Company, based on a British sitcom (George & Mildred, which was spun from Man About The House, the British basis for Company), lasted exactly 1 year before it was cancelled. Where ABC went wrong, and hence the "Moron TV" designation for this entry, was moving the show to Saturdays for season 2. You know what they say about square pegs in round holes? Exactly.

Here's the open:

Yes, that is former child actress Patty McCormack, playing Tambor's wife on the show.

No rating.

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