Wednesday, June 2, 2021

A little of this and a little of that

 Tabloid Carlson got himself in hot water yet again Tuesday.

Fox Shmooze's biggest offender came up with a whopper worthy not of Burger King, but of the National Enquirer when he tried to compare COVID-19 vaccinations with old school segregation.

In discussing the fact that certain venues have specific areas set up for vaccinated customers, Tabloid referred to this practice as-----prepare to cringe-----medical "Jim Crow".

And Fox Shmooze dares to say his show is an opinion program, just so to avoid lawsuits?

Not even Mr. T would pity these fools.

Here's an idea. How about having Tabloid, Moldy Peaches (Marjorie Taylor Greene), and Doormatt Gaetz do a skit based on Game Show Network's Idiotest? Between the three of them, the old SCTV quiz parody, Half-Wits, looks like stimulating entertainment.....!
Less than a month after getting into blogging so he can vent about his usual nonsense, Donald Trump has shut down his namesake blog. 

"WAAAHHHHHH!! Everyone hates my blog! WAAAAHHHH!!"

It's not the blog, dummy, it's you, and your constant whining about getting your sorry ass whooped nearly seven months ago, your persistent addiction to the spotlight, and the fact that people know you're going to be spending the next year and a half trying to avoid jail----or a nursing home, whichever comes first----for your various offenses, including repeated abuse of power while in office. Try showing up at a PGA pro-am, and watch the ratings hit the toilet faster than a 2 year old with stomach flu.

In other words, Citizen Pampers, do us all a big favor, and go away.
Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is planning on retiring after the 2021-2 season.

When you consider that he's had nearly 50 years of coaching under his belt (5 at Army, next season will be 42 at Duke), 5 NCAA titles, and enough accolades to last a lifetime, he's earned it.
Conservative "authors" hoping for hit pieces on prominent Democrats other than Joe Biden can't seem to find the right target, and some of these yo-yo's are whining that NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn't have any drab pictures they can find. Well, too bad for you jabronies. There's a better chance of AOC adorning the cover of Vogue or Rolling Stone than any of these scandal sheet wanna-be's doing a hit piece on her or VP Kamala Harris. We can see Moldy Peaches landing a cover, too. The back cover of Mad Magazine.


Goldstar said...

Diarrhea Mouth's blog was doomed for the start. For one thing, his suck up crew was unable (or unwilling) to hire any actual tech minded people to assemble the site for him. After all, why would any pro technology, pro science people take a job for a guy who's known for not paying people for their work?

For another, T****'s was the only voice that was allowed to be heard on the blog. Most likely, the concern was that if people were allowed to post comments on the blog, it would be trolled mercilessly by liberals (which of course, it would have!), but without comments, it was just reading President Reject's ramblings about the same bs that he's been rambling about for the last five years.

Personally, I wasn't going anywhere near a website that had the former guy's stink all over it, and apparently, the majority of the people felt the same way.

hobbyfan said...

Be'lee that. It was just a narcissistic tool for Count Comb-over. He didn't want anyone posting feedback because he knew they were coming for him with virtual pitchforks, among other things. Seven months later, he's still trying to sell the con that he was screwed out of the election, when in fact he cost himself a 2nd term by fumbling the response to COVID.

Then again, he's never looked like the type that was a gamer of any kind, other than gaming the system......

Silverstar said...

"Diarrhea Mouth's blog was doomed for the start."

It was indeed, because Hair Fuhrer's paper-thin skin wouldn't permit him to allow any criticism, so he arranged it so nobody could make comments. Unless you're super-de-duper interesting, like the Most Interesting Man in the World interesting, not allowing comments and feedback is death to a blog.

Annoying Orange, Y'all Quaeda, Vanilla Isis and their ilk thrive on places like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube comment sections; they don't do well inside echo chambers. Twump and his cult's particular schtick--spewing hate, bile, division and derision--doesn't work without the presence of civilized people to outrage. They're such unlikable human beings that they can't even stand being in a space with themselves. Twumpers can't stir up trouble in a place where they're only allowed to read.

hobbyfan said...

And, as icing on the moldy cake, guys, Silly Sidney Powell and even Citizen Pampers himself are claiming he'll be reinstated as President in August. Whinedell and his fake evidence are just more evidence of a different kind, false hope for the brainwashed. Bellevue is waiting for this group of nutcases.