Tuesday, June 29, 2021

A little of this and a little of that

 Let's give the NY GOP some credit.

A recent straw poll of the party shows that Lee Zelkin would be the GOP candidate for Governor in the next election, opposite incumbent Andrew Cuomo, who has already said he'd run for a 4th term, which, if memory serves me correctly, would surpass his late father, Mario, who followed fellow Democrat Hugh Carey into the governor's mansion in the 80's.

Photo courtesy NY Daily News, via Yahoo!

I know what you're thinking. Who is this Lee Zelkin? All we know is that he garnered a whopping 85% in the straw poll. However, he doesn't have widespread name recognition. Rob Astorino, whom Cuomo beat in 2014, thinks he should be the nominee, but apparently, getting his butt kicked at the polls convinced the party that he's damaged goods.

Speaking of damaged goods, Andrew Giuliani finished dead last with absolutely 0%. I've heard of votes of no confidence before, but this is the grand prize. You can't say I didn't warn you that Rudy's legal problems would kill his son's political ambitions. Thanks for coming, Andrew. How 'bout checking your pops into Bellevue, then finding another line of work?
While Citizen Pampers won't be polluting the air in Alabama on July 4 with another pathetic plea for sympathy under the guise of a political rally, he let loose with another tantrum on Sunday after it got out that Senator Pruneface (Mitch McConnell) had advised then-Attorney General William Barr to speak out against the then-president's whining and lying about the election. Of course, America's Oldest Baby didn't take too kindly to this.


Barr, you'll recall, resigned right before the holidays, but it appears he'd had enough of coddling a man-child with no morals or scruples. According to ABC's Jonathan Karl, who has a book coming out in November, McConnell couldn't come right out and slam then-President Pampers "for political reasons" (read: prolonging the inevitable), so he felt Barr was the only one who could.

In Alabama, they don't want a partisan rally on the 4th, preferring instead a non-partisan, patriotic celebration. Can you blame them? Knowing Citizen Pampers, he'll find an excuse to pollute the air in any way he can to satisfy his obsessive-compulsive need for attention, ignorant of the fact that in New York, his organization is in serious legal trouble, and his lawyers think Diaper Don won't be charged. Oh? Really? Maybe they know he's bound for Bellevue.

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