Sunday, June 20, 2021

Old Time Radio: Father Knows Best (1949)

 In honor of Father's Day, we're serving up a nice dose of the radio version of Father Knows Best, starring Robert Young. In fact, this offering, from March 1954, is the series finale.

But, before we do that, a little information.

Father Knows Best ran for five years on NBC Radio (1949-54), before transitioning to television. The only constant was Young, who originated the role of Jim Anderson on radio, and, in all played the role for 11 years between radio & television. Young would eventually launch a new series, the previously discussed Window on Main Street, in 1961, before taking on another iconic role as Marcus Welby, MD.

Now, it's on to the final radio episode. By this point, future cartoon icon Jean VanderPyl had taken over the role of Margaret Anderson.

Rating: A.

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