Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Weasel of The Week: Dion Cini

 Mr. Cini is the brainwashed Trump supporter who hung his banner at Yankee Stadium two weeks ago, only to be ejected from the ballpark. Stadium security let him keep the banner, out of respect to his right to free speech. Same thing later that same week at Citi Field. Security there saved him from a fan who had a problem with the banner being there in the first place. Remember, Cini was booed out of Yankee Stadium.

The real problem Cini had was draping his banner in New York's two baseball stadiums. Big mistake. At the time, we assumed he wanted his 15 minutes, and, as noted, the security details at Citi and Yankee Stadium reasoned out a solution. 

Unfortunately, Cini's luck ran out at Fenway Park on Monday, when he brought his banner for the Red Sox-Marlins game. Not only did Cini get ejected again, but Fenway security confiscated the banner for a violation of team policy regarding banners of any kind.

Cini didn't get the message, and wants to file larceny charges against the Red Sox security staff for "stealing" the banner. Confiscation and theft are two different things, dumbass.

Courtesy of Twitter.

Cini has inspired copycats elsewhere with similar messages. No surprise there, but these morons don't get it, seven months later. Donald Trump was soundly defeated at the polls on November 3 because he downplayed the severity of the coronavirus, in the faint hope that he could avoid public panic. Regrettably, that decision was futile, as the horse had already left the barn. America had tired of this 70-something man-child's relentless whining and crying about the election being rigged before it even took place, which it wasn't.

Your abuse of free speech in the name of a shameless con man who wouldn't know you from Adam gets you something Trump has a lot of, Mr. Cini. A pair of Weasel ears. Enjoy what's left of your 15 minutes. You'll be a footnote by the end of the year.


Silverstar said...

If I live to be 100, I'll never understand how some people can view that bloated, disgusting sack of hot garbage and cheeseburger meat as a great leader, a great American or a decent human being, let alone want that thing back in charge of the country. The past 4 years under Donny One-Term have been among the worst in this nation's history and in my own life personally; who could possibly look back at all the damage that evil jackass unleashed upon the world and say, "Yeah, give me more of that!"? And why are so many people blindly allegiant to that pile of offal when he wouldn't give them the sweat from his forehead if they were dying of thirst? I don't get it and I never will.

hobbyfan said...

They fell for the con right from the start, and don't want to give up the delusion. The more whining Annoying Orange does, the more his marks eat it up like stale candy.

BTW, LMK if that idiot Cini shows up at Camden Yards.