Thursday, August 25, 2022

Another tree of stupid grows in Florida

 Andy Warhol famously said that in the future, everyone would be famous for 15 minutes.

Laura Loomer wants hers now.

Loomer lost a Congressional primary on Tuesday, but, less than 48 hours later, she's claiming she won.

No one had heard of Loomer until this week, and she's playing the sore loser card like other far, far right GOPer idiots before her.

Someone should tell her that the rest of the country's sick of hearing about non-existent voter fraud. It was a close race, and she lost by just a small handful of points, but that's not good enough for Loopy Loomer in her 2nd attempt at the GOP nod in Florida's 21st Congressional district.

To illustrate my point, Prince Pillow (Mike Lindell) had another one of his fund raising scam-a-thons over the weekend. You know the drill by now. Lindell claims repeatedly he has evidence of voter fraud from 2020, but he really doesn't, and instead, with Empty-G among the guests, it's really a telethon for his flailing pillows and new product like coffee. At this point, Whinedell isn't fooling enough people anymore, but it's all he has left, at least until certain authorities shut him down.

In contrast to Loomer, professional losers Marc Molinaro and Tom Golisano were defeated in primaries on Tuesday. Molinaro had the good sense to concede. Media outlets are split on whether or not Golisano extricated his feet from his mouth long enough to actually acknowledge he had lost-----again.

What did Molinaro in was a late attack campaign against Democrat Pat Ryan that reeked of desperation. As Rocky the Flying Squirrel often reminded Bullwinkle, "that trick never works". Not in this modern age, anyway.

Loomer needs to pay attention to other races around the country, and how defeated candidates comport themselves. It's a teaching tool going forward.

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