Saturday, August 13, 2022

Cooking For Dollars: America's Bake-Off, aka The Pillsbury Bake-Off (1949)

 Ah, the days when you could put just about anything on daytime television, including cooking and exercise programs.

For several years, beginning with the first event in 1949, the Pillsbury Bake-Off, alternately known as America's Bake-Off, aired on CBS. Radio icon Arthur Godfrey was the first host, and then, the baton was passed to Art Linkletter, and, in the 70's, Bob Barker (The Price is Right). Since Barker's final Bake-Off in 1984, which he produced himself, the chef's gloves have been passed to Willard Scott (on loan from NBC), Alex Trebek, Phylicia Rashad, Marie Osmond, and, in one of the last televised events, Carla Hall presented the winners on ABC's The Chew.

Pillsbury, now part of General Mills, was the sole sponsor for the majority of these events, and, including the 1984 edition we're going to show you, had Pop'n Fresh (voice of Paul Frees) doing bumpers.

Now, let's take you to February 1984, and San Diego. Johnny Olsen came over with Barker from The Price is Right, which reverted to its original half hour form for the occasion, airing after the contest.

Last year's event was held virtually, and not televised.

Rating: A.

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