Monday, October 7, 2013

A little of this and a little of that

Hannah Montana seems like a lifetime ago now.

Miley Cyrus is just the latest young star to have some bad advice fed to her. How else to explain the controversial "twerking" dance routine with another second generation star, Robin Thicke (son of Alan) at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25? I get that she wants to be thought of as an adult, and put her Disney past behind her, but she needs to take a closer look at what happened to two other former Disney Darlings in recent years. Of course, that would be Britney Spears & Lindsay Lohan. If Miley continues to listen to whomever it is that's feeding her these bad ideas (definitely not her actor-singer father, Billy Ray), there's always the chance she'll end up following Britney, Lindsay, & Amanda Bynes down that same primrose path to career ruin, although of those three, Britney's already rebounded and gotten out of that dark phase relatively intact.

To avoid taking those bad steps, Ms. Miley needs to respect the opinions of her peers and elders. That doesn't include tabloid magnet Kanye West, who's seemingly out to lunch on a permanent basis based on some of his antics, especially anything not involving the Kardashians. I refer to the open appeal made by 90's star Sinead O'Connor last week. The Irish singer warned Miley about being exploited by her handlers, which clearly is already happening. I get also that Miley's dealing with the recent end of her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth, but this is not the way to work off the stress. Instead of taking Sinead's sage advice, Miley referenced O'Connor's infamous appearance on Saturday Night Live 21 years ago, in which Sinead ripped a picture of Pope John Paul II and declared, "Fight the real enemy!". There's also the on-again, off-again marital discord between Miley's parents, which might be contributing to her rebellious phase. Billy Ray may want to leave a copy of the Bible on Miley's bed the next time she comes home.

ESPN welcomed back former SportsCenter anchor Keith Olbermann over the summer, giving him a nightly forum to talk about various sports issues. No politics this time. However, Olbermann also landed a gig anchoring TBS' studio show during the baseball playoffs, meaning he's off ESPN until after the NLCS. So who did ESPN hire to sub for Olbermann? None other than legendary talk show host Larry King. Whodathunk!

ESPN also welcomed another prodigal son when original Around The Horn host Max Kellerman was hired to do a talk show for their radio division. Kellerman, who's also done boxing for ESPN & HBO, has been based out of Los Angeles since signing with Fox Sports Net in 2004, and is partnered with former San Diego Chargers lineman Marcellus Wiley. The two are also the new hosts of ESPN's SportsNation, which is now based out of LA to accomodate Kellerman. Say this for Max. He's toned down the abrasive personality that fueled his earlier TV gigs, but count this viewer as someone tired of Tony Reali's schtick on Horn. The next time Reali takes a vacation, could ESPN coax Kellerman into another homecoming? Stay tuned.

Should the Los Angeles Dodgers advance to the National League Championship Series, the least that TBS, which will carry the series, can do is have Hall of Fame announcer Vin Scully in the booth for at least a couple of innings when the Dodgers are at home. Scully doesn't travel much anymore, and his voice is still perfect after nearly 65 years in the booth. Fox, which has the World Series, would be advised to follow suit if LA advances to their first Series in 25 years. Hearing Scully and the retiring Tim McCarver in the booth would make great television.

In sharp contrast, time has caught up with that other graybeard in the booth, Ralph Kiner, who still works a few Mets games every year, about 3 innings per game. SportsNet New York (SNY) would be well served to revive Kiner's Korner, this time as a monthly series of interviews during baseball season, perhaps incorporated into their Mets pre-game coverage. Just making a polite suggestion here, is all.


magicdog said...

Part of Miley's problem is being a former Disney star to begin with.

From what my contacts tell me, Disney has a horrible reputation when it comes to handling its child and teen stars. It's no coincidence many of them are damaged in some way and act out the way Miley, Britney, Lindsay and recently, Lee Thompson Young do. Word has it the kids are passed around executives and used up in everyway you can imagine. There's a big reason why they often seek solace in drugs and alcohol, then are encouraged to become "grown ups" by posing nude (because that always works!).

If my neice (who is a singer, though not professionally) were offered a job with Disney, the resounding answer would be HELL NO! If she did work for anyone in Hollywood, I'd be on set to watch her every move! Believe me there are nothing but amoral letches on sets who would take advantage of a young girl like her at any moment!

As for Miley, I hope she doesn't end up like Corey Monteith or Lee Thompson Young. Her father is partially to blame since he trader his daughter for fame and fortune once his 15 minutes ended.

hobbyfan said...

Have to disagree on Billy Ray, who's still recording, BTW. His only mistake is not screening out the leeches who've turned Miley into a bimbo-in-training.

Speaking of Lee Thompson Young, while I didn't do an obit on him, I will have something on his Disney series, "Famous Jett Jackson", up soon.