Sunday, October 20, 2013

Old Time Radio: The Saint (1944)

As I was growing up, I became acquainted with Leslie Charteris' The Saint through the popular TV series starring Roger Moore, and by reading some of the paperback novels I obtained at the library. Not once was I apprised that The Saint had also been on radio until a few years ago, when I found an entry in a Radio Spirits catalogue.

The details are sketchy, but this much we do know. Horror legend Vincent Price starred as Simon Templar for four years (1947-51) before being replaced by Tom Conway, who'd starred as another radio sleuth, The Falcon, in a few films, while his brother, George Sanders, made a few films as Templar. Shoot, aside from the predictable guest appearances on comedy programs, I never knew Price had done radio, either.

So I took the bait and bought a tape compilation of the show, which billed Templar as "The Robin Hood of modern crime", which might explain why, on the TV show, Templar was being pursued by the law no matter where he went.

Anyway, we present to you a 1949 episode, "Connolly Silver Mine":

This episode runs together, which isn't how it usually works. Aberrations happen.

Rating: B+.

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