Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Celebrity Rock: Wesley (1965)

Addams Family co-star Ted Cassidy recorded the theme to the Atom Ant cartoon in 1965, but that wasn't the only recording he made. We've previously seen a novelty single based on his Addams character, Lurch, but there was a B-side that presented Cassidy in a different light.

"Wesley" didn't get  much attention, except when Cassidy made the rounds to promote "The Lurch". The single, released on Capitol, was Cassidy's only attempt at branching out away from acting. His promotion brought him to Hollywood-A-Go-Go for this appearance, presumably in October 1965.

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magicdog said...

Ho - Lee cow!

First time I've ever seen Cassidy out of makeup, and I had no idea he could sing - sort of (let's face it, the Atom Ant theme wasn't exactly a song, so much as an enthusiastic read). It has a bit of a country bent to it, and reminds me of something Lorne Green would have sang at that time.

ffvelli 48

hobbyfan said...

Yah, Greene would've talked his way through this, too, just he did with "Ringo". Gotta remember to find that one someday.