Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weasel of the Week: Alan Gottlieb

Oh, I'm sure you've heard about this.

In the news on Friday came a report that some gun lobbyists want to mark the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre as "Guns Save Lives Day".

Are these dweebs really that insensitive, or what?

Alan Gottlieb, author, gun lobbyist, and founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, among other organizations, is the brains behind this lame scheme. Actually, crediting him with brains would be giving him too much credit.

December 14 should be a day of remembrance for the victims of the massacre, not as a rallying point for the gun lobbies and their supporters. The well-heeled in charge of these groups are the ones who have certain politicos in their pockets preventing anti-gun legislation from getting passed. If you believe the tabloid media in New York, Gottlieb's idea is like spitting on the graves of those innocent children and educators whom Lanza senselessly gunned down 11 days before Christmas. Shame on you, Gottlieb. For your lack of sensitivity on this issue, your mule-like stubbornness in unwitting defense of the twits who get their hands on guns without any idea about human life, you get a set of Weasel ears. Do us all a favor, Gottlieb, and do the right thing. Reverse field. If you're going to be in Newtown on December 14, the first place you should do is find the nearest church, and pray for forgiveness.


magicdog said...

I'm torn on this one. It's true the dead should be respected from that tragic event, (and from what I have seen, they have) but by the same token, Gottlieb's message is that if it weren't for ridiculously unnecessary gun restrictions, "gun free zones" or the near impossibility of getting a concealed weapons permit in some states, perhaps the deaths at Newtown would never have happened.

I have heard that the town has decided to raze the school building. Personally, I'm always suspicious of places always being destroyed just because something bad happened on the property. A bulldozer changes nothing and as I'm often told when things go sour, "It's time to move on. Never forget, but move on."

hobbyfan said...

The building shouldn't be razed, IMPO, but rather converted into a memorial to honor the victims.

As for Gottlieb and other gun zealots, it's just an excuse for these dweebs to grab their 15 minutes piggy-back style. Sickening, far as I'm concerned.

Unknown said...

I agree with magicdog.

hobbyfan said...

Any more precincts heard from?