Friday, October 4, 2013

Dunce Cap Award: Alex Rodriguez

This is just too easy to resist.

The appeal of Major League Baseball's 211-game suspension of Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez began earlier this week, but the embattled Rodriguez is only pouring more gasoline on the fire.

It was reported by Yahoo! earlier today that Rodriguez and his team of legal beagles have decided to file a lawsuit against MLB. Apparently, waiting for the arbitrator's decision isn't enough, as Rodriguez is using every option available to him, whether he really needs to or not. To file litigation against MLB is almost certainly career suicide. Reports of a similar suit against one of the Yanks' trainers would seal the casket on his 10 year run in New York. I don't really need to tell you anything more that you don't already know, except to say that Rodriguez should enjoy another Dunce Cap. Next time, try Judge Judy, and see what you get, A-Roid.

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