Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creepy TV: Friday The 13th: The Series (1987)

With a week before Halloween, we're debuting a new feature, "Creepy TV", dedicated to those horror series that didn't quite reach "classic" status.

We'll start with Friday The 13th: The Series, which was a sneaky way of cashing in on Paramount's namesake movie series without Jason Voorhees. Producer Frank Mancuso, Jr., who co-created the series, also worked on most of the movies, and decided to use the "Friday the 13th" title as a means of hooking viewers in.

In truth, he shouldn't have bothered. All he really needed was a sexy female lead, and he had one in Micki Foster, played by Louise Robey, who only used her surname on the show. Micki and her cousin-in-law, if you will, Ryan (John LeMay) retrieved cursed items for their antique shop. LeMay, however, left the series before or during season 3, I am not sure which, and the series, admittedly, fell apart after that. Veteran Chris Wiggins rounded out the core cast as Jack, the cousins' mentor and partner.

I never really bothered with the movies at all----slasher movies aren't my cup of tea---and only offered an occasional glance at this show, but enough to foster a review.

Edit: 10/9/15: Episodes previously posted in this space have been deleted due to copyright issues. Instead, we'll use the intro, complete with a long-missing voice-over narrative.

Aside from the lovely Ms. Robey, there's not much to write home about with this show.

Rating: C.


Wings1295 said...

This isn't the best written episode of the show, to be sure, but there are others that are just wonderful. Wonderful show that ended before its time.

magicdog said...

I remember this syndicated series and it wasn't bad. The premise made sense (recovering cursed antiques) and the cast was OK.

hobbyfan said...

It was also ahead of its time. One wonders if this could be remade today.....