Saturday, October 19, 2013

Spook Rock: Angie Baby (1974)

How this Helen Reddy hit hasn't been made into a horror movie, nearly 40 years later, is a mystery unto itself.

"Angie Baby" tells the story of a young girl who seems to have magic powers. How else to explain a would-be rapist disappearing, presumed dead. The late Alan O'Day, who'd score a hit of his own a couple of years later with "Undercover Angel", wrote "Angie Baby", perhaps after watching one of those horror anthologies.

I don't know the date of the live performance shown here, but I do know that Ms. Reddy was in my home town earlier this year, a performance I missed. Oh, well, let's take a step back in time, shall we?


Unknown said...

Thought you might like to check out a recent Canadian cover of "Angie Baby" by pop/rock duo, Wahl Collins, here: The song is now available worldwide on iTunes too

hobbyfan said...

Thanks for the tip.