Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do you want some cheese with your Whine?

Ever since the hometown paper began making changes 2 months ago, their op-ed section's Sound Off feature has been filled with people complaining about the changes. They can't find a weekly column by a local news anchor. The print's too light. The paper's too big (!) and they have to spread it out on the kitchen table.

I wasn't too fond of the change in printing locations, but I got over it. I don't usually toot my own horn, but ye scribe decided the best course of action was to address these folks in a letter that appeared in the op-ed section yesterday.

To accentuate the point I was making, I referenced a sketch from Saturday Night Live back in the 80's that describes the disenchanted among the readership very nicely. If you're an SNL fan from way back, you might remember Doug & Wendy Whiner. Today, there's plenty of those kind of people to go around. In case you forgot about them (Joe Piscopo is Doug), here's a sample skit.

Now, complainers, would you like some cheese with your Whine?

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