Thursday, November 8, 2018

A little bit of this and a little of that

Coming out of Tuesday's elections, local voters bum-rushed Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel Abelove out the door after just one term, electing former judge Mary Pat Connolly as DA. Abelove had gotten himself in hot water over his handling of certain cases in town. If anyone says they didn't see it coming, they'd be wrong.

Meanwhile, the Geezers On Parade's attempt to discredit Democratic newbie Antonio Delgado's bid for Congress was an epic fail, as Delgado, a former rapper and Harvard Law School graduate, unseated incumbent John Faso after one term. Faso's camp claimed voter apathy over President Trump was the deciding factor at the polls.

As for those attack ads that took some of Delgado's rap lyrics out of context, this was a mean spirited, irresponsible attempt at discrediting Delgado, formerly known as AD Tha Voice as a rapper, but if anyone took the time to listen to the song those lyrics were lifted from in their entirety, the Geezers' plot was quickly unraveled. GOP operatives should've known better. Seven years ago, voters in the hometown elected teacher-turned-political newbie Lou Rosamilia over current City Council President Carmella Mantello, despite the Geezers' last second attack ads questioning Rosamilia's qualifications.

Come to think of it, similar tactics were employed on behalf of Abelove against Connolly, ignoring the fact that Connolly had spent more than 2 decades on the bench as a judge.

I recommend sending the local GOP some copies of the writings of George Santayana.
On Wednesday, America's biggest man-child, President Trump, bullied Attorney General Jeff Sessions out of office, and it's clear from this move that Trump is scared of what special prosecutor Robert Mueller might find.

For someone who supposedly is a born-again Christian, such as Trump, it seems he's having a hard time learning to turn the other cheek away from criticism, making it harder for folks outside his voter base to accept him as the leader of the free world. To Trump, image is everything, more important than establishing domestic and foreign policies.

If you tried to determine the average IQ of a Trump supporter, the numbers would probably be smaller than the size of a thimble. They're getting played, and they don't care.
Proving that professional sports today is more about "what have you done for us lately", the Chicago Blackhawks fired coach Joel Quenneville on Tuesday, as the 'Hawks are off to a less than stellar start. Quenneville led the 'Hawks to three NHL Stanley Cups in the last decade and change, and is likely to land someplace else within the next year.
Giants coach Pat Shurmur wasted everyone's time the other day to announce that Eli Manning would remain the starting quarterback for Big Blue's next game, Monday at San Francisco. Rookie Kyle Lauletta has not been active for any game this season, and it seems unlikely he'll see the field at all this season. The Giants drafted Davis Webb last season, then let him move across the hall to the Jets' locker room, as Webb is on Gang Green's practice squad, and could be activated if Sam Darnold has to be inactive for Sunday's game vs. Buffalo. Darnold sustained a foot injury in his last game, and is questionable for this week.
After going unsigned through the first half of the season, former Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant finally found a new home on Wednesday, signing with New Orleans. The Saints will play a Thursday night game vs. the Cowboys in three weeks, which means Bryant has a chance to avenge himself on his former team, which tired of his diva behavior last year. Dallas, meanwhile, has a chance to pick up some ground in the NFC East if they can beat the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. Not an easy task to be sure, considering Dallas flushed an early lead down the tubes against Tennessee on Monday.
Riverdale co-star Mark Consuelos will soon be joined by wife Kelly Ripa on the show. The talk show hostess has signed on for a few episodes later this season as the mistress of Consuelos' character, Hiram Lodge. The couple's son, Michael, made his debut on the show last night, playing a teenage version of Lodge in a flashback episode. Ripa (ex-All My Children) has some primetime experience, but it's been quite a while since her last night gig.

Of all the comic book shows on the CW, Riverdale has the most soap opera elements to it on a network obsessed with using that format, even though Jane The Virgin, based on a Spanish telenovela, is ending its run at the end of this season.

Speaking of the CW, if you wondered why the titular heroine on Supergirl had a Power Rangers-style helmet over her head for much of this week's episode, it's because star Melissa Benoist was busy finishing her run on Broadway over the summer when shooting began in Vancouver, and a stunt double wore the costume for much of the episode, with Benoist doing voice-overs when needed. The shots of Melissa "wearing the helmet" will remind many of the same shots used on Robert Downey, Jr. in the "Iron Man" & "Avengers" movies over the last 10 years.

Comics fans would recognize the helmet as a variant on one worn by Wildfire, a member of the Legion of Superheroes for many years.

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