Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Weasel of the Week: Brian Kemp

Not all the ballots have been counted in Georgia, but Republican Brian Kemp, running for governor, appears to have overcome the challenge of Stacey Abrams, who served on the state's House of Representatives until last year.

The problem? Kemp, the Secretary of State, refused to step down from the position in order to make a run for the statehouse, and clearly is involved in a conflict of interest, involving voter suppression, among other things.

If these charges are true, then Kemp is clearly afraid that he was going to fail in his bid to become governor, such that he's reportedly resorted to eliminating polling places in largely minority sections of the state, continuing to insult the intelligence of African-Americans and other minorities in Georgia. Former President and former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter has ripped into Kemp, but, unfortunately, Kemp has turned a deaf ear to Carter and all of his other detractors.

His greed and covetousness earn Kemp a set of Weasel ears. He has disrespected his state by suppressing the ability of citizens to vote in areas he's clearly afraid he's going to lose. Apparently, the only way to solve this issue is to take the matter before a local district court and a non-partisan judge.

To her credit, Abrams recruited former talk show host Oprah Winfrey to stump on her behalf, and Winfrey still carries a lot of pull. Kemp had to be fearful of that. He should be afraid of what the courts may say.

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