Saturday, November 10, 2018

Classic TV: Eye Guess (1966)

Prolific game show producer Bob Stewart left Goodson-Todman in 1966 to start his own company. His first sales were The Face is Familiar for CBS, which we'll review another day, and Eye Guess for NBC, both co-produced with Filmways.

Bill Cullen, at the time a regular on I've Got a Secret and having been the original host of The Price is Right, was tapped to host. The format was a hybrid of standard quiz shows with the memory aspect of Concentration. The series lasted three years (1966-9), and maybe should've gone longer, except that NBC did a purge of game shows in '69, having cut the original Match Game right along with Guess.

Check this sample out:

Stewart would produce several more shows for NBC, as well as ABC & CBS, over the next 20 years before shifting to cable.

Rating: A.

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