Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A little bit of this and a little of that

It used to be that on Thanksgiving week, schools would have an early dismissal on Wednesday, to give students and faculty a head start on the holiday.

This year, they're taking it a step further.

When classes end today, students will have the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving, returning to class on Monday. In the Washington County village of Salem, Thanksgiving vacation has already begun with classes cancelled today, along with a parent-teacher conference, due to an overnight snowstorm.

Some schools will open their doors this weekend, such as Lansingburgh, which will be one of a number of schools hosting pre-season basketball tournaments.
Last month, Niskayuna High had to deal with the fact that some of their students hurled racial slurs at some African-American soccer players on Schenectady's women's team, adding more discomfort for a team that finished at the bottom of the Suburban Council's Grey division.

Now, the school is dealing with threats, real or otherwise, aimed at the school itself over the last two weeks. A public forum was held Monday night, mostly addressing the poor handling of a school lockdown two weeks ago that forced students to wait until 6 pm to return home.

Some might call it karma in the wake of the incident last month, but there's no way of knowing right now if the two are related.
Monday Night Football, in its 49th season, has seen its share of blowouts.

But, then, they've never seen a college game break out like it did last night between the Los Angeles Rams & Kansas City Chiefs.

When I say college, I mean the high scoring affairs you often see in the Big 12 (i.e. TCU-Baylor a couple of years back). The Rams went to 10-1 on the season with a 54-51 shootout win. You could also make the argument that this was more like Arena football at double the size. Thankfully, the teams get to rest next week before returning to action on December 2.
The Washington Trumpets lost QB Alex Smith for the season on Sunday when he suffered a broken leg in a loss to Houston. This dredged up memories of another Washington QB, Joe Theismann, whose season ended the same way 33 years ago against the Giants. Houston's JJ Watt ended up playing the part, if you will, of Lawrence Taylor in sacking Smith.

Washington has pulled former Jets 1st round pick Mark Sanchez off the scrap heap. Sanchez never saw the field in a game for Chicago last year. However, the team is also dealing with the predictable criticism for not even considering exiled QB Colin Kaepernick, and that's only going to add to the ongoing tension over whether or not owners have colluded and conspired to keep Kaepernick out of the league. Like, they're seeing Kaepernick as a sacrificial lamb to appease a certain jingoistic, narcissistic President........
Former WWE wrestler-turned-rapper Eric Arndt, aka Enzo Amore, has been in the news again the last couple of weeks, and, predictably, is in hot water again.

Arndt, who now goes by the handle Real1 as a rapper, was booted off an airline a couple of weeks back for allegedly vaping. He claims he wasn't. On Sunday, he was in Los Angeles for Survivor Series, somehow still having enough change to get a ringside ticket, and went incommunicado until he felt it was time to call attention to himself. Smartly, WWE cameras didn't catch his act, and Staples Center security bum-rushed Arndt out the door. Reportedly, he's been banned from the arena, like any other disruptive fan would be at a Lakers, Clippers, or Kings game. The dude wasn't exactly the most popular guy in the locker room in the nearly 2 years he was on the main roster, but it seems little has changed.

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