Monday, November 19, 2018

Musical Interlude: That'z Endurance (2018)

Ron Killings has had two passions in life. Rap music and wrestling.

On his second tour of duty with WWE, Killings, a 2-time NWA World champion, doesn't get many opportunities to serve up some rhymes outside of his long running theme song. He is, however, dropping singles periodically, but they don't get much on-air promotion. WWE looks upon him now more as a comedy act than a serious contender for any title, because, well, you know, Killings did spend some time "with the enemy" and won those two world titles between 2002-2007.

Anyway, Killings records under his own name, not as R-Truth, and is joined by Mannish Mania for "That'z Endurance" (Yes, that's the correct spelling. Rappers, you know.)

Just for the sake of it, parental guidance is suggested.

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