Wednesday, November 21, 2018

On The Air: God Friended Me (2018)

When a preacher's son decides to publicly declare himself an atheist, well, let's just say that God will have something to say about that.

God Friended Me brings executive producer Greg Berlanti back to CBS after Supergirl moved to CW following its 1st season. Unfortunately, the two shows are slotted opposite each other, as both air on Sundays at 8 (ET), though God Friended Me often will have delays due to football overruns until January.

Brandon Micheal Hall stars as Miles Finer, the son of a preacher (Joe Morton). Choosing not to follow in his father's footsteps, Miles decided to be an atheist, and launches a podcast. Initially, he believes that a Facebook account credited to God is a hoax, but, as he and the viewers find out, it's anything but. Violet Beane moves over from The Flash to play Cara, Miles' partner in solving the weekly mysteries.

Ya might say this is Berlanti's way of rebooting Highway to Heaven for the 21st century, except God is taking a direct hand via social media, rather than sending an angel to Earth.

Following is a trailer for the show:

Let me suggest a couple of songs for a soundtrack album:

"Son of a Preacher Man" (Dusty Springfield) & "Mysterious Ways" (U2). The rest of the album can be front loaded with contemporary Christian music (i.e. Amy Grant, Brandon Heath, Kari Jobe, etc.).

I finally got around to sampling the show, but not all the episodes are available On Demand at present. I think maybe a DVD acquisition is in order......

Rating: A.

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