Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Forgotten TV: One Happy Family (1961)

In the winter of 1961, Mark Goodson & Bill Todman served up a sitcom that felt like just another domestic comedy, except that in this case, you had three generations under the same roof.

Dick Sargent, four years before Broadside, toplined One Happy Family. In fact, when Sargent was later cast to replace Dick York on Bewitched, it snapped a string of failures that began with Family.

Only 15 episodes were filmed at Desilu for G-T, whose logo at the end of the show adorned several Milton Bradley home games of familiar G-T game show franchises such as Password. Due to the lack of episodes, it was never syndicated,  but Decades does have it in its library, as you'll see in this sample.

No rating.

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