Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Another loss of innocence

 Texas is one of the states where the school year ends earlier than others. The last day of classes at the elementary level was meant to be Thursday.

So what possesses an 18 year old to go into an elementary school he once attended, and open fire on innocent kids and educators?

Salvatore Ramos and the weapons of slaughter.

Salvatore Ramos was shot and killed by a Border Patrol officer, according to reports, who was responding to the attack on Robb Elementary. Ramos reportedly posted on social media that he wanted the kids to "be scared irl (in real life)". It's easy to assume that Ramos himself was bullied, and like so many before him, lashed out with violence because he didn't know how to seek counseling, whether it was from his parents, teachers, or school counselors.

President Biden addressed the nation Tuesday night, and called for Congress to finally stand up to lobby groups such as the National Rifle Association, and enact legislation that would keep access to guns away from troubled kids like Ramos. Former President Barack Obama, singer Taylor Swift, and Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr have spoken out about the incident.

Of course, right wing garbage dispensers like Tabloid Carlson and Laura Inkblot on Fox Shmooze shredded Biden's speech, ignorant of the message. It was Carlson, nine days ago, who dismissed Payton Gendron, another 18 year old, as being mentally ill when he shot up Tops Supermarket in Buffalo. Empty-G (Marjorie Taylor Greene) used the mental health excuse for Ramos, and, as usual, called for Biden to be impeached without any real reason or cause.

Gendron admitted to having gotten inspiration from the same debunked "white replacement" theory that Carlson routinely touts on his garbage hour. That says to me that Gendron knew exactly what he was doing, and so did Ramos. Mentally ill? I don't think so. All Empty-G did was piggy-back on Ramos to get attention on her.

There are more kids like Ramos and Gendron out there, kids who've been bullied or abused, and don't know how to seek counseling or guidance. Instead, they internalize their emotions, and lash out for all the wrong reasons. Job 1 for parents and school administrators is to identify the issues before things get out of hand. That requires full cooperation from the kids. A gentle voice is a good starting point. It's getting the kids to listen that's the hardest part.

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