Saturday, May 21, 2022

Georgia GOP to Trump: We don't want you messing up our primary!

 On Tuesday, Georgia Republicans will go to the polls. They're hoping that former football hero Herschel Walker, having returned home from Texas, will ultimately unseat Rev. Raphael Warnock, and want him carrying the most important "ball" of his career. They will also set the stage for Gov. Brian Kemp to gain a rematch in November against Democrat Stacey Abrams, which means all but ending former Senator David Purdue's career, and sending Purdue back to the chicken farm.

To do that, a certain bloviator needs to be removed from the picture.

"WAAAAHHHHH! Kemp wouldn't help me! He needs to go! WAAAAHHH!!"

The message is simple. Georgians, and most of the country that isn't into the MAGA movement in general, have grown tired of Donald Trump's act after seven years or better  Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who's also caught in Trump's crosshairs, was on the stump with Kemp recently. So was former VP and former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Traditional GOP politicians who've seen their party mutate into a cult in support of a 70-something man-baby who won't grow up. They got out, and they want the rest of the party to save their traditions, if you will.

Trump is also having issues in Pennsylvania, as the GOP Senate primary is now down to a 2-man race involving Dr. Mehmet Oz, who gave up his TV show to be a carpetbagger (he calls New Jersey home) candidate. At last check, Oz was in a tie for the lead, and there are still mail-in ballots to be counted, which could take a few more days. Remember, it took four extra days before Joe Biden carried Pennsylvania 18 months ago.

Trump publicly suggested that Oz claim victory, despite the uncounted ballots. Not happening. Oz is smart enough to realize a premature victory can also be a kiss of death (Thomas Dewey for president, anyone?). He'll be happy to take the win when it is declared official, then plan for November, not a day before. 

The problem, of course, is the publicity-addicted Trump, who has overstayed his welcome in the GOP.

"WAAAHH!! I need to be on the front page every day! WWAAAHHHH!"

No, you don't anymore, old spray tan. I think Melania's this close to calling your psychologist, Dr. Zigmund Ziff, for an appointment.

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