Friday, May 20, 2022

First, it was Cawthorn. Now, Lauren Boebert could get taken down

 In the wake of Madison Cawthorn losing a primary on Tuesday, a political action committee (PAC) known as American Muckrakers came out and announced that they were the ones who leaked out that video of a nude Cawthorn from back in the day. Their next target is Colorado airhead Lauren Boebert. Farron Cousins explains:

American Muckrakers is a mix of GOP and Democratic operatives, and all of them may be just tired of these publicity-obsessed newbies in Congress like Boebert and Cawthorn. The Colorado primary day is coming up in mid-June. It's too bad they're not targeting another airhead that needs to be taken down, that, of course, being Marjorie Taylor Greene, but, then, there's always the general election in November for her. After that, maybe they can go after older GOPer morons like Timex Cruz and Moldy Graham, and.......!

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