Thursday, May 5, 2022

God loves a cheerful giver. God doesn't like a serial liar

 The late music legend John Lennon was quoted to have claimed in the 60's that his band, the Beatles, were "more popular than Jesus". The Beatles broke up a few years later.

In the 80's, there were evangelists all over the cable dial, and the supposed popularity of "televangelism" was mocked by the British trio, Genesis, fittingly enough, on 1992's "Jesus He Knows Me". The video set was a mock-up of Oral Roberts' weekly show, but singer Phil Collins cited other preachers as inspiration. Today, there's a handful of Christian networks, some of which are on cable, and others on satellite only around these parts.

It was written that "love of money is the root of all evil", and that has certainly been true. For the last seven years, however, evangelical Christians have been deceived by a man who now claims, for the second time in four years, to have done more for them than anyone else.

Who is he? Need you ask? Donald John Thurston Howell Trump.

As we've noted in this space a number of times in the past, Trump supposedly gave his life to Christ in a meeting with Focus on The Family founder Dr. James Dobson, a meeting likely facilitated by Mike Pence. Trump, however, has not completely embraced Christianity as you'd think. Oh, no. Oh, sure, he arranged for the capital of Israel to return to Jerusalem. Aside from that, he's had Dobson and so many other preachers bamboozled into thinking he was their champion, when he was anything but.

Farron Cousins explains Trump's latest con.

A true Christian would not be asking $75,000 per person just to meet him in Louisville on Saturday at the Kentucky Derby. A true Christian would not put a price on a meet and greet. As Farron reminds, Trump has broken most of the 10 Commandments over and over again. The reason he doesn't go to church? He can't be seen in some place where he'd be exposed as a fraud. Why do you think daughter Tiffany, when she gets married in November, is having the wedding at Mar-a-Lago? Someone might need to send him a copy of a classic parable about the rich young ruler. In his case, it's the rich, old, deposed ruler. It fits him anyway.


JAB128 said...

I am a Christian, but not one of these right-wing ones. They believe that he is saved. My sister called him a baby Christian, and her church prayed (for about an hour) that he wouldn't get impeached, and he would get re-elected. It is pathetic. That's why I am an anarchist-egalitarianist. I am done with politics and the state.

hobbyfan said...

Her congregation fell for the con, like so many others have. In time, he will be exposed for what he really is. The pastor where I go to church often preaches about leaving "baggage" at the cross. Trump is incapable of that, and yet, he has so many Christians fooled.

JAB128 said...

Of course Trump does (have so many Christians fooled). They foolishly believe in human authority. They think that Romans 13 is about the secular government (it's not. It's about the synagogue leaders in the temple in Rome. Paul wanted Jew and Gentile believers to continue to honor the synagogue when some Gentiles wanted to go their own way in the early days of Christianity).

The pastor at a church that I go to was preaching about this. He also believes that Romans 13 is about the secular government. It is sad.

Larken Rose (an anarchist. I don't know if you have heard of him or not) had an interview with a Christian (Dann McCreary) several years ago. Dann basically said that government is the manifestation of the gates of hell on earth. Truer words were never spoken.

hobbyfan said...

I'm not familiar with either Dann McCreary or Larken Rose. I don't think Romans 13 has been discussed at the church I attend in too long. Thank you for sharing.