Thursday, May 19, 2022

Forgive her. She doesn't know what mentally ill is

 "She", of course, is Empty-G, Marjorie Taylor Greene, misrepresentative from Georgia.

Greene went on Real America's Voice, a conservative network that is home to that other GOPer moron, Steve Bannon, and tried to claim that Payton Gendron, indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday for the Tops massacre in Buffalo last Saturday, is mentally ill. Tabloid Carlson took that tack earlier this week on Fox Shmooze. Guess what, losers? You're both wrong.

Gendron bought into the "white replacement" BS that Carlson has been shilling for months now, and it was a large part of a nearly 200 page online manifesto. He knew exactly what he was doing, accepting lies as facts. Whether or not he's really mentally ill is up to the courts to decide, not morons like you, Empty-G.

Farron Cousins explains:

It's just as much deflection of reality as denial of the truth that comes from that reality. All because Empty G, Tabloid, and the rest of the GOPer idiots want to use the victim card instead of owning responsibility.

However, we can see right through you by now, Empty-G. The same, tired routine you've used has reached the border between stale and irrelevant. Have another Dunce Cap. If you don't want to wear it, I can understand. Makes a good megaphone. If you can figure out how to use one that isn't battery operated, that is.

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