Saturday, May 14, 2022

Here we go again: Now, it's baby formula that's being hoarded in some places

 Not too long ago, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) forced Abbott Labs to close its plant in Sturgis, Michigan due to contaminated baby formula. Now, there is a national shortage on formula due partially to the closing of the plant, due partially to the ongoing supply chain issues affecting hundreds of products of all kinds.

But a news report on the radio this morning has ye scribe fuming.

There are reports of people hoarding formula to turn a profit, just like they did with hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc., at the start of the pandemic two years ago.

Like, seriously?

The hoarders are just lazy profiteers who won't work, but rather pull scams like this to make an easy buck, showing 0 regard for their fellow citizens. Retailers such as Walmart, have had formula under lock & key before this shortage, since some people can't afford to pay for the formula, and resort to shoplifting in order to get it. Walmart here in town has it locked up right alongside sports card supplies, and that's how I know.

One local church has a solution to that particular problem. The pastor & his wife acquired a fair amount of formula some time back, and make it available for members of the congregation to pick up, either for themselves, or for needy families in their neighborhoods. This program has been in place for over a year.

Eventually, this will pass. Unfortunately, the profiteers will look for something else to get rich quick, unless they're stopped.

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