Thursday, October 14, 2021

A judge dismisses another lawsuit seeking to reverse last year's election. The usual whining follows

 These days, Donald Trump has nothing better to do than whine, day after day, about how he was supposedly "robbed" of re-election last year. He ignores the fact that he got whupped at the polls because of his lax handling of COVID-19. The oldest man-child on earth wanted to cling to the power he had as president, so much so that he had threatened to contest the result if he lost, which has happened.

On Wednesday, a judge in Georgia dismissed another lawsuit filed by the Legion of the Brainwashed seeking to overturn the presidential election. These peabrains want to believe anything Trump tells them, because they're too gullible to realize they've been played.

Rather than try to disseminate the details, let's hear from Rachel Maddow:

"Earth 1"? "Earth 2"? Rachel's been doing some comic book research, apparently, in line with her other gig as the voice of gossip columnist Vesper Fairchild on Batwoman, which began season 3 last night, directly opposite Rachel's show on MSNBC.

And, of course, as Rachel read the statements from Trump, this comes to mind:


No, you didn't, Sunkist breath. Get over yourself, and STFU!!!!

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