Friday, October 8, 2021

On The Air: Ghosts (2021)

Ghosts is the latest in a long line of British series adapted for American television. The original series isn't that old, having launched in 2019, but it captured the fancy of CBS suits, which wanted their own version.

The plot is rather simple. A young couple moves into an old mansion with plans to convert it to a bed & breakfast, but there are a handful of the titular spirits inhabiting the house which have little interest, at first, anyway, of sharing the facilities.

Rose McIver (ex-iZombie) returns to primetime as Samantha, a distant relative of one of the ghosts. A Yahoo! reviewer is of the opinion that Ghosts, dare I say it, is not long for CBS, despite the fact the critic actually liked the show. Well, airing opposite football on Fox right off the bat isn't helping. The last supernatural themed series CBS launched, the crime drama Evil, was shunted off to Paramount+ for its 2nd season. I get the feeling Ghosts could share its fate as it replaces The Unicorn in CBS' comedy-rich Thursday lineup.

Check the trailer:

Of course, what also could kill this show is NBC's 1-2 punch of Law & Order series. Ghosts launched with a 1 hour premiere, but subsequent episodes will be a half hour each week.

Rating: B-.

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