Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Only a scared, desperate man would seek to hide the truth about January 6. Most scared men wouldn't sue.

 Indeed, Donald Trump is a scared, desperate man.

His image, carefully cultivated through more than 4 decades of public life, has been irretrievably destroyed through his term as president. However, Trump doesn't want the truth to be revealed about the January 6 riot at the Capitol, and is suing the National Archives & the 1/6 Select Committee to block the release, despite the fact that President Biden has said that executive privilege does not apply to Trump now that he's out of office.

Jesse Dollemore explains why this lawsuit is a bad idea:

Trump does not realize that he doesn't have the perks of his former occupation, and that, obviously, bothers him even more. He got drunk on power in Washington, and is doing anything he can to get it back.

However, it's not going to work, and we know how he'll react once this pathetic suit is dropped:

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