Friday, October 1, 2021

When you're too lazy (or cheap) to go through protocols to use your favorite songs in an attack ad......!

 During the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump was repeatedly blasted by different artists for using their music without their permission.

Eddy Grant is on that list, and sued Trump for using his 1983 #2 hit, "Electric Avenue", in an attack ad against Joe Biden. Of course, America's Oldest Baby tried to dodge the suit, tried to get it dismissed. On Wednesday, a judge said, nope.

"Electric" was the first single off Grant's 1982 album, "Killer on The Rampage". This will refresh your memories.

What this tells us is that Trump or any politician can't just pick a song willy-nilly for background music for a campaign ad. The judge ruled that Team Trump couldn't prove fair use of "Electric", so this adds to the bills on Trump's ledger. 

In other words, there are protocols and rules to be followed. Consumed by an obsession to embarrass Biden, all the while realizing behind the scenes that it would be boomeranged back at him because of the 3 year difference in age between them, Trump simply didn't check all the boxes. You can imagine the reaction:

With all the litigation, I don't see Citizen Pampers running in 2024, unless he can move the White House to a country club prison. However, he'd be the only convict in a giant-sized onesie with a baby bottle in hand.

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