Sunday, March 1, 2020

An honorable detective buys a car (1977)

Four years after a TV-movie in which he portrayed Charlie Chan, Ross Martin (ex-The Wild, Wild West) steps into a white suit again, this time to shill for Chrysler Corporation's Dodge division. The spotlight is on the 1978 Aspen station wagon.

Not sure who the son is. Maybe Brian Tochi?


magicdog said...

I personally have no issue with a non Asian playing an Asian character (it's almost tradition with Charlie Chan since most of his film outings have been played by white actors), but today's PC incels would throw a fit if it happened now!

I don't believe the "Number One Son" is Brian Tochi.

hobbyfan said...

I wasn't sure, either, that's why I asked. Tochi was working for Filmation during 1977 before turning to movies.

Mike Doran said...

This is one I tell on myself:

For a long time, I thought that a logical choice for Charlie Chan would have been Khigh Dhiegh (say Ky Dee), who was better known as Hawaii Five-O's Wo Fat, and before that as the genial Red Chinese brainwasher in the original Manchurian Candidate (the Sinatra version - you know, the good one).

In the '70s, Khigh Dhiegh had a short-lived series, Khan!, in which he played Charlie Chan in all but name.

After his passing, it was revealed that 'Khigh Dhiegh' was in fact Kenneth Dickerson from New Jersey; his ethnicity was Anglo-Egyptian-Sudanese.
Make of that whatever you will …

hobbyfan said...

I would love to see Khan!, as I never got to see that series when it ran on CBS. Where was Dhiegh when they cast the commercial?