Monday, March 23, 2020

On CD: The Lone Ranger Rides Again (1952-4)

I've noted before that my first exposure to the Lone Ranger radio show came in the early 70's, when WQBK-AM (now WGDJ) aired reruns as part of an afternoon block that also included Gang Busters and The Shadow. These reruns came from the Brace Beemer era of the series. It wasn't until years later that I learned Beemer was not the first radio voice of the Ranger.

In fact, Beemer stepped into the lead role after the passing of Earle Graser in an auto accident. Beemer, who'd been the announcer-narrator, was now the star.

Radio Spirits has released a fair number of CD box sets of the series, and The Lone Ranger Rides Again collects 20 episodes late in the Beemer era, from 1952-54. As was the case in the TV series that bowed in 1949, Fred Foy, later the announcer for Dick Cavett, was the narrator-announcer. On TV, Foy replaced Gerald Mohr in the role. Also, the Ranger's nephew, Dan Reid, Jr., appeared in a few episodes, played by various actors, including Dick Beals and James Lipton.

Following is the episode, "The Easterner", from October 1952.

Lipton, better known to a later generation as host of Inside The Actors Studio on cable television, passed away earlier this month.

Playing the CD's brought back some memories. If you're a serious fan of the Ranger, you have to have this.

Rating: A+.

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