Thursday, March 5, 2020

Remember when "Midasize" was a thing? (1979)

Midas Mufflers was a primary sponsor of ABC's Wide World of Sports, Pro Bowlers Tour, and, presumably, Monday Night Football for many years. In the mid-70's, the chain came up with the buzzword, "Midasize", as a means of luring new customers to get their brakes repaired and/or replaced.

Midas employed a number of celebrity endorsers, usually in pairs or groups, for some ads, with talent as diverse as Lee Van Cleef, Burt Mustin, Charles Lane, Richard Kiel, Art Metrano, John Hoyt, and, in this 1979 spot, William Boyett (ex-Adam-12), who would also shill for Soft Scrub bathroom cleaner, then a property of Clorox.

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