Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Weasel of The Week: Jerry Falwell, Jr.

You're a second generation Southern Baptist preacher who inherited the country's largest Christian university. With students being asked to stay off campus and extend spring break due to COVID-19, why in the blue hizell would you want them to come back when the lockdown is still in effect?

If you're Jerry Falwell, Jr., son of the 80's evangelist, and the man in charge of Liberty University in Virginia, you do it because you want to thumb your nose at the liberals and anyone else opposed to President Trump's policies.

We all know Trump will scapegoat his predecessor, Barack Obama, because that's what spoiled, thin skinned man-children do. While Trump is haphazardly trying to convince the country that the lockdown will be lifted by Easter (yeah, right), his impulsive Twantrums remind us that he is not 100% fit to run the country, and never has. And Falwell walks in lockstep behind the Poser President.

We don't have megachurches in upstate New York. Some churches, including Victory Christian in Albany, are experimenting with live-streaming their services, in Victory's case on their Facebook page. I attend a church in Watervliet which has a small congregation to start with, and the pastor made the decision last week to suspend mid-week services for the duration, but can safely practice social distancing on Sundays. Still, they're continuing to distribute produce to families in the area a couple of times a month, doing their part to help those in need.

I cannot speak for any community service that Liberty does in Lynchburg, but Jerry Falwell, Jr., this week's Weasel, is letting personal politics, and his loyalty to President Pinocchio, get in the way of protecting his students, and there are students who are blindly willing to follow. Online classes, apparently, while they've become a thing here and elsewhere, not only for colleges, but grade schools, too, aren't making the grade at Liberty.

Sorry, but Jerry Falwell, Sr. would not have approved.

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