Saturday, March 21, 2020

YouTube Theatre: Coward of The County (1981)

After his 1978 hit, "The Gambler", became the inspiration for a series of TV-movies, Kenny Rogers saw another hit song, 1979's "Coward of The County", follow the same path, except this film was a 1-shot, and, like the "Gambler" movies, aired on NBC.

Rogers is Rev. Matthew Spencer, whose nephew, Tommy, is bullied by a trio of good ol' boys, two of whom are in basic training in the military. The movie moves the period depicted in the song to the early days of the US involvement in World War II.

"Coward", the song, peaked in the top 10 on the Hot 100, and topped Cash Box magazine's singles chart. The film version, however, hasn't been seen on television all that much in recent times.

This was the classic case of the underdog finally finding the courage to stand up to the bullies, especially after they gang raped his girlfriend, who'd jilted one of the bullies, so they believed, for Tommy.

In memory of Rogers, 81, who passed away earlier today. No rating out of respect.

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