Sunday, March 1, 2020

What Might've Been: Dreams (1984)

In the wake of Fame, both the movie and the subsequent TV show, network executives were looking to find another music-centric primetime series that could hold the youth demographic.

Sad to say, the results haven't been great.

CBS tried in 1984 with Dreams, a sitcom about a band trying to make it. Unfortunately, despite a soundtrack CD, which in turn produced a music video for one song, "Kiss Me Red", which we'll look at another time, the show was cancelled before it could finish out the season.

The producers assembled the band thinking that they might have a new generation Monkees (nope). John Stamos came over from General Hospital, and would rebound a couple of years later with his biggest primetime success to date. That, of course, would be Full House. Jami Gertz (ex-Square Pegs) & Valerie Stevenson were the featured vocalists.

Gilmore Box offers the intro, with a sample clip:

Jami Gertz went on to a successful movie & TV career (film credits include "Less Than Zero"), and today, with her husband, owns the NBA's Atlanta Hawks, and was, maybe still is, part of the ownership group in charge of baseball's Milwaukee Brewers. She's represented the Hawks in the NBA draft lottery the last couple of years. Stamos has been hawking Oikos Greek yogurt in between acting jobs in recent years.

No rating. Never saw the show.

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