Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A little of this and a little of that

Some of the sports world's rites of spring have fallen victim to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Masters, golf's biggest event of the season, scheduled for Easter weekend (April 9-12), was postponed late last week, with no makeup date set. Along with it, the women's amateur tournament at Augusta National has also been pushed back to an unspecified date.

Horse racing fans will have to wait until after Labor Day for the Kentucky Derby.

Reports out of Louisville say that the first leg of the Triple Crown, set for May 2, is being pushed back to September 5. Now, the question remains as to whether or not the other two legs of the Crown, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes, would also be moved. For tradition, they'd have to be. Belmont reopens right after Saratoga finishes its season on September 2, so they'd be on course for the Stakes to take place on October 5 or 12.

Finally, WWE capitulated, and bowed to the wishes of the city of Tampa to move this year's Wrestlemania, set for April 5, to the company's Performance Center in Orlando. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony, scheduled for April 3, and NXT's Takeover: Tampa, set for April 4, have been postponed, with no makeup dates set as yet, though the belief is they'll do something on video and patch it into broadcasts of Monday Night Raw & Friday Night Smackdown.
Time to hand out some Weasel ears to some self-serving Tennessee Twerps for trying to profit off COVID-19.

Noah & Matt Colvin went on a shopping spree in Kentucky and their home state of Tennessee, buying up entire supplies of hand sanitizer, with the intention of selling the product over the internet for $70 per bottle. That is, until the DA's office in Tennessee shut them down, and forced them to donate their merchandise to a local church and first responders. Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slattery III, according to the New York Post, ordered the Colvins to stop buying and selling hand sanitizer and other medical supplies for the purpose of price gouging for personal gain.

Apparently, these two idiots don't live in Knox County, where Mayor Glenn "Kane" Jacobs might take a more personal hand in things. And I mean that.
Fans in New England are going to be suffering more than just the effects of COVID-19 over this next item.

After two decades with the Patriots, and six Super Bowl titles in nine appearances, Tom Brady has decided to seek his fortunes elsewhere. Whomever signs him will be immediately deemed a Super Bowl contender, but let's remember, too, that Brady didn't win any national titles in college while with Michigan, so he's not automatic. Maybe if he wins one without a greedy owner like Robert Kraft as his final boss, he'll finally get the respect accorded to him by all the detractors, who believe Kraft used his influence on NFL committees to fix things in the Patriots' favor for years.

Now, the question for coach Bill Belichick, who has a total of 8 rings (2 as an assistant under Bill Parcells with the Giants), is if his system can work with another quarterback. Stay tuned.
Nothing to me says Chicken Little Syndrome more than shoppers going completely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs at the checkout.

Take for example a Walmart in the hometown.

I went shopping on Saturday, looking to pick up some new sneakers. I got that and a few other items, but when I reached the checkout, there were people with full carts in every checkout aisle, acting like the world was coming to an end over COVID-19, as Governor Cuomo is requesting businesses to either scale back hours or close for the duration, in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Far as I know, New York doesn't have a real hoarder problem like the two jabronies in Tennessee. However, hand sanitizer is hard to find because you have people who are driven first by fear, then greed and selfishness, going all survivalist to hoard the necessary goods for themselves. To paraphrase an old expression, fools and brain cells are soon parted.
The NFL will soon expand its season to 17 games and add to the playoff field. Why? The owners aren't satisfied with the money they're making now.

If this keeps up, they'll bleed the season into baseball's preseason. Pray that never happens.


magicdog said...

I'm so sick of this!

This is an organized exercise to force control over the populace. There is no need to force all these closures! The Las Vegas Strip closed over a dozen casinos (and naturally are asking the government to reimburse them - if that agreement hasn't already been made because casinos don't just shut down).

I have made jokes, but I suspect there will be a lot of murders with all these people forced to be at home without any outside activities (bars, sports events, etc.) to get them through their dull lives. There have been flu outbreaks for decades and NEVER has there ever been something like this that required closing down businesses (risking people's livelihoods in the process) or schools. Even my gym, 24 hour Fitness announced they were closing until further notice!! Do you think they will reimburse my membership for every day they're closed?? I DID send them an e-mail for an answer - haven't heard back yet.

hobbyfan said...

Schools have closed in NY for the balance of the month. Movie theatres are closed. Sporting events all over the place have been pushed back or cancelled altogether, as they are trying to keep COVID-19 from spreading further than it already has. Everyone's feeling the effects.

For example, where I work during the day, we're shifting to more of a skeleton staff for the duration to alleviate any chance of infections.

magicdog said...

A contact of mine in NY tells me despite the forced shutdowns, cable companies have been busy putting up WI-FI towers.

What could they be up to that they have to choose NOW to put them up? Hmmmm.

Perhaps 5G is really the problem.

hobbyfan said...

Unless it's Dopey Dolan and Cablevision......

Steven Dolce said...
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