Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sports this 'n' that

The Brooklyn Nets spent a ton of money to lure in Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving as free agents prior to this season. Durant hasn't played due to a torn Achilles, and Irving is done for the season.

However, word out of New York is that coach Kenny Atkinson won't finish the season, and rumors are that Irving is pulling a LeBron James and wants his former coach in Cleveland, Tyronn Lue, as the next coach in Brooklyn.

You don't see players in other sports leveraging management to get the manager/coach they want, so why does the NBA let them get away with it? Because it's marketed as a players' league, where individual stars matter more than team play. Been that way for years.

Here's a thought. Why not get ESPN bloviator Stephen A. Smith out of the studio, and let him try coaching an NBA team. He won't last more than two weeks, tops, then go crawling back to Bristol with his tail between his legs. Whatever happened to respecting authority?
One of the big bugaboos of the NFL the last few seasons has been officiating gaffes.

The XFL is no different.

Saturday, in the final seconds of Houston's win over Seattle, QB PJ Walker took a knee on 4th down. Should've been 1st down, Seattle, with 2 seconds left. Roughnecks are up 9. The zebras decided to let the clock run out.

The league released a statement a short time later saying they made a mistake. The NFL waits 'til the day after the game, or maybe two or three, to say they goofed. The officiating supervisor assigned to the game has already been reassigned. How's that for quick action?
Tim Tebow is on spring/summer vacation from ESPN's SEC Network to play baseball for the Mets. The other day, he was reassigned to minor league camp after going 2-13 at the plate with a home run. So far, the Wimpons have resisted the temptation to have the offensively challenged Tebow, more than a decade removed from a Heisman Trophy with Florida, with the big club as a means of goosing ticket sales. No, that ship sailed already.

Far as I know, there are no Tebow baseball cards. Yet.
If there is anyone or anything wrestlers and wrestling journalists agree on, it's this.

Brad Shepard is an even bigger carny than Vince McMahon himself.

Shepard is claiming that a WWE employee not connected with HQ has coronavirus. The Fox network, through their WWE on Fox account, refuted this claim. Shepard is hated by other, more credible journalists because he never tells the truth. He's better off writing for a rag like, say for example, The National Enquirer. President Trump reads it, and is friends with the owner, David Pecker. Watch. Trump gets re-elected in November, and hires Shepard as his new speechwriter. He'd be better off calling Ben Stein, who used to do that for Richard Nixon back in the day.

Shepard probably flunked journalism in either high school or college, assuming he even went to the latter. He's about as credible as a four dollar bill.
Ya probably haven't noticed if ya don't watch Fox college basketball coverage, but the network acquired some old, archived theme music. Turns out it used to belong to NBC for their NBA coverage back in the day. If ya don't know what I mean, here's a sample open:

Well, Disney buying the network gave them money to burn, and.......

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