Tuesday, October 5, 2021

What Might've Been: Inside O. U. T. (1971)

 In 1971, spy spoofs were going the way of the Edsel, after Get Smart had ended a 5 year run a few months earlier.

NBC & Screen Gems had other ideas.

Inside O. U. T. was an attempt at giving Bill Daily, a year removed from I Dream of Jeannie, a shot at being a lead, fronting an ensemble cast that included Edward Andrews (ex-Broadside), Farrah Fawcett (five years before Charlie's Angels), and Val Bisoglio (who'd move on to Roll Out!, then Quincy).

The plot, such as it is: Ron Hart (Daily) is tasked to retrieve some accidentally created counterfeit money by the director of finance (Andrews). Alan Oppenheimer, years before reinventing himself as a voice actor, co-stars.

Oppenheimer became the 2nd man to play Dr. Rudy Wells in The Six Million Dollar Man, after Martin Balsam, and before Martin E. Brooks. I cannot be sure who the narrator is.

Rating: C.

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