Thursday, April 22, 2021

A Classic Reborn: Truth or Consequences (2003-4)

 If you thought that you'd seen the last of Truth or Consequences after a short late 80's revival, think again.

In either 2003 or '04, Fox got their hands on the franchise, and decided it needed a 21st century makeover with even more dangerous and outrageous stunts, due largely to the popularity in this country of Fear Factor, which was over on NBC. There were no questions asked, contestants went right to the bizarre stunts, outfitted with body cameras. Sportscaster Chris Rose, then the host of the cable yack-fest, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, was tapped to host. 

Today, Chris is one of the busiest guys in sports television, although he's cut his workload by leaving MLB Network's Intentional Talk. He probably wishes this was lost forever. Unfortunately for Chris, but fortunately for the rest of us, game show legend Wink Martindale was able to acquire the pilot for his YouTube channel:

Keep in mind that Fox also fumbled with remakes of two other classics, Get Smart and Let's Make a Deal (rechristened Big Deal before CBS acquired Deal). Whomever was in charge of programming at the time wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the drawer.

Body cameras on contestants. Hmmmmph. This belonged on MTV, which was on its way to losing its mission statement at that point.

Rating: C-.

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