Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Vanity case: Coming Up (1980)

 In the summer of 1980, Paul McCartney released "Coming Up" as the 1st single from the album, "McCartney II". The gimmick here is that his normal group, Wings, isn't here, replaced by "The Plastic Macs", which is multiple images of McCartney playing all the instruments. Wife Linda gets in on the act, appearing not just as herself, but going in drag as the other backup singer.

The radio track sounds much better.

This wouldn't be the last time McCartney used extra images of himself. He did it again 2 years later for his duet with Stevie Wonder, "Ebony & Ivory".


Silverstar said...

The keyboard player character Paul plays in this video is a takeoff of Ron Mael, the scowling mustachioed keyboardist from the band Sparks. Also look for the hyper, howling guitarist, seemingly spoofing Paul's earlier Beatles days.

hobbyfan said...

Paul normally is a lefty, either with the bass or standard guitar. In this clip, he also plays a right handed guitar. Clever.