Thursday, April 15, 2021

Advertising For Dummies: Now, THIS is fake news (1985)

 The infamous Weekly World News, at last check, was an online-only entity, driven off the newsstand shelves by the popularity of Comedy Central's satirical Daily Show, among other things. At one point, it spun off its own short-lived TV series, which we discussed many moons ago, but it was also a sister publication of the National Enquirer, which now dabbles almost exclusively in fake news as an overpriced tabloid.

In 1985, the publishers launched an ad campaign. Ex-Electric Company regulars Jim Boyd & Skip Hinnant appear individually in the first two of the three spots shown in this video:


Silverstar said...

There was a Weekly World News TV show that aired for a while on USA Network, appearing at the tail end of a block consisting of Weird Science, Duckman and a sitcom called Campus Cops. WWN didn't last long, however, it got dropped from the block after about half a season.

Boyd & Hinnant, I remember those guys. They were great on The Electric Company.

hobbyfan said...

I have a review of Weekly World News: The Series, elsewhere here on this blog. Hm, Campus Cops is the only one of that Saturday block I haven't covered......