Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Citizen Pampers now whines about how they're going after "children". His two oldest are in their 40's!

 You know the heat's really getting to Citizen Pampers when he tries to put a liar's spin on the investigations involving his three oldest children, Dumb Donald II (44), Ivanka, aka Trust Fund Barbie (40), and Stupid-E (38).

"WAAAAHHHHH! They're going after children!! WAAAAAHHHH!"

What he's trying to sell his marks is that the law will go after your kids if you stray too far over the line. Not entirely true. If DD2, Stupid-E, and TF Barbie are complicit in any and all criminal activity, they'll trade their designer outfits for prison jumpers, whether they like it or not. No amount of whining from the boys, Donald, Sr. included, will prevent that. Seems Ivanka has done her best to maintain a low profile, but the January 6 committee wants to talk to her. Stupid-E gave a deposition, but invoked his 5th Amendment rights a whopping 500 times. Why? Care to take a guess?

The more the Brothers Dumb go on social media and Fox Shmooze and lie their brains out, the worse it's going to get.

All this because the oldest baby in America got drunk on power.


Lawrence said...

Like he cares about children?

The guy who tried to blackmail a foreign leader to manufacture dirt on a political opponent’s son and abducted kids from their parents and threw them in concentration camps.

hobbyfan said...

He'll say and do anything to continue to work the marks, his low information base.