Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Would someone send this airhead back to school?

 I know there's going to be another "Legally Blonde" movie coming out this year with Reese Witherspoon. While I've never seen those first two movies, I'd believe Reese's character would be a major improvement over a certain Georgia bubblehead.

Yep, Empty-G is in trouble again.

It wasn't enough that Twitter closed Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal account over vaccine misinformation and lies the other day. Now, Facebook/Meta has done the same, albeit on a temporary basis. And, of course, Empty-G is playing the victim card, claiming censorship, but it's all a fundraising scam.

Farron Cousins explains:

Come to think of it, Ms. Moldy Peaches might complain about the pending "Legally Blonde 3", thinking it's an attack on her, but I wouldn't waste a Carly Simon classic on her. She does get another one of these, though, for going all Wendy Whiner......

Get it through your head, Empty-G. Twitter & Meta are privately owned companies. Complaining about your 1st Amendment rights won't work, although some of your brainwashed followers might rally to your defense because they're just as weak in the head as you are. Farron may be right about one thing. What have you really done for Georgia, besides giving the Peach State black eyes every time you open your mouth and stupid things come out?

Andy Warhol said everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. A friend wanted to give you this message:

"Your 15 minutes are almost up."

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