Sunday, January 23, 2022

Mounting a talent show 101 (Room 222, 1969)

 When I was a senior in high school, I had an opportunity to be a part of the annual senior class talent show, but I didn't take that chance. Couldn't sing. Couldn't do a dance routine if my life depended on it (two trick knees). I could do stand up comedy, but didn't have any material prepared, nor did I think of anything prior to the show.

More than a decade earlier, Room 222 took viewers behind the scenes, if you will, as the students of Walt Whitman High prepped for a talent show, under the direction of student-teacher Alice Johnson (Karen Valentine). One of the highlights of the show is shy, reluctant Helen (Judy Strangis) doing an a capella cover of the Rolling Stones' "As Tears Roll By". The Los Angeles High choir appears as the vocal chorale, the Magnitudes.

Some of the students wanted to, given that "Hair" had been adapted into a feature film that year, do a bit where they would strip naked on stage, hence the title, "Naked Came We Into The World".

One YouTube commentator couldn't remember Judy's name, referencing her by her later role as DynaGirl (Electra Woman & DynaGirl, 1976), but was impressed with her singing.

Rating: A.

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