Sunday, January 16, 2022

Forgottten TV: Good News (1997)

 Sitcoms set in a church, aside from the 80's series, Amen, usually aren't successful.

The last series in a church setting has been largely forgotten nearly 25 years after its debut.

Good News spent one season on UPN, which, in its relatively short history, only had a handful of hit series, including WWE's Smackdown, which spent a few seasons on the network before beginning a nomadic existence leading to its current berth on Fox. UPN was also home for a time to Buffy, The Vampire Slayer & Star Trek: Voyager. Little did anyone realize that Good News' star would wind up becoming a fan favorite of fans of the fantasy genre.

Long before he was cast as John Diggle on the CW's Arrow in 2012, David Ramsey landed the lead as a young pastor taking on an installation in Compton. Series co-creator Ed. Weinberger called on a couple of folks from Amen, Roz Ryan & Anna Maria Horsford, to be part of the ensemble. Horsford also directed a couple of episodes.

Now, I had never seen the show, nor had I really heard of it until today, so we're serving up the pilot as a public service.

Good News' rights are held by Fox, and the series was the last to bear the familiar logo of MTM Productions.

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