Sunday, January 30, 2022

Even cops go to school sometimes (Dragnet, 1970)

 I have this one up over at Saturday Morning Archives, and have for a while. You'll know why in a sec.

From season 4 of Dragnet (2nd series):

Joe Friday (Jack Webb) is taking a night school course, but even being a cop doesn't protect him from rules & regulations, especially when it comes to a druggie also in class. Shannon Farnon, better known for her voice work later in the 70's (i.e. Super Friends) is a classmate and prospective love interest for Friday.

Rating: A.


Mike Doran said...

Just curious:

If this is a tribute to Howard Hesseman/Don Sturdy -
- why didn't you use an episode that he was actually in?
There were a couple, you know ...
... like the talk show with Anthony Eisley, for one ...

'Don Sturdy' isn't even in this as an extra.
If you meant Jerry the stoner, that actor was a guy named J.C. Curtiss (the credits at the end say so).

As I said - just curious ...

hobbyfan said...

Thought he was. I'll put up something else for a tribute, from either WKRP or Head of The Class.